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Express yourself!

The ASC National Conference enables science communication researchers and practitioners to share experiences and learn from each other. The research stream provides opportunities to present work, identify areas that need enquiry, investigate how to improve practice, and strengthen practitioner-researcher collaborations.

To maximise the opportunity for interaction, standard presentations will be minimised and dialogue and networking fostered.

Whether you are academic, practitioner or student, if you are involved with any research or evaluation that has implications for science communication, we encourage you to submit a paper.


Parallel session presentations (peer-reviewed)

Presentations on an aspect of science communication research or evaluation will be given 7-10 minutes talk-time and followed by panel sessions or roundtable discussions, depending on the number of people attending the session. Where possible, presentation sessions will be thematically grouped.

Submissions can be on any science communication research or evaluation area, but must include:

  1. Your name, title and contact information
  2. A brief outline explaining why the paper constitutes “science communication” research and/or evaluation.
  3. An abstract outlining the context or event, research questions, methods, outcomes, etc.
  4. One to three questions that the research or evaluation has inspired, or provokes, for discussion after the presentation.

SUBMIT An overview of 500 words maximum to:

Online Abstract Submission Form

First timers will have to create a new account and will be sent an email with their password for subsequent visits. Once you have created a new account, please click on New Paper (on the menu bar). On this page, please type in the paper title, author details, biography and save details to take you to the next page where you can load your abstract as a word document. Please refer to the Abstract Guidelines (on the menu bar) where you will find an Abstract template which can be used for your convenience.

 Research contributions to other sessions at the conference

The bulk of the sessions at the conference are coordinated by individual “session producers”.

Each session producer is responsible for the format of their session, so the way in which your research would be incorporated into their session should be negotiated with them.

If you believe your research paper would be better placed in one of these sessions, please contact who can put you in touch with the relevant session producer

Conference publication

An edited manuscript of up to 20 short papers (maximum 4 pages) will be published after the conference. A peer-review panel will assess research submissions and invite some authors to submit a full paper soon after the conference.

More details at the conference.

Ad hoc sessions related to research

Flexible space will be available for ad hoc sessions in response to research-related ideas and issues that have been nagging you, or issues and questions that arise during the conference.

These sessions might be ‘clinics’, where you bring a problem on which you would like input. For example, would you like an academic to assist in developing an evaluation tool for a community outreach program that you are running? Alternatively, you might be a researcher who needs your theory ‘reality-checked’ by a practitioner. Or perhaps you are looking for collaborators on research, professional or personal projects.

We could even organise a session facilitator if it would be helpful.

Please contact the registration desk during the conference if you would like to participate in, or organise, a session.

More details at the conference.


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