Call for Session Producers (Archived)


It is time! Calling all potential Session Producers. Nominate yourselves or ask a friend whose session you would like to see.

A big thank you to those who have already responded with your desire to produce a session. Below is the outline of what we are seeking from you in order to assist the selection process.


Send a single page (bullet points good) to outlining:

  • Topic
  • How the 1 hr session will be structured
  • Who might you bring in? (speakers, facilitators, other – including URLs to your proposed people welcome)

Spaces are limited!

What are we looking for?

We have a preference for moving away from too many “talking head” style presentations, though sleek talking heads will not be passed up. Engaging, novel, innovative, creative, interactive ways of running a session will be appreciated. There is no rule against submitting “talking head” videos ahead of the conference as part of the program library and then using the session time as an interactive.

We would like people to think a little, enjoy themselves, and walk away inspired and engaged.

Sessions will preferably fall within the conference themes outlined below.

Proposals due

First round: 10 October 2011
Second round: 21 October 2011

More about session producers

Many who attended the 2010 conference commented on the quality of sessions and this was due in large part to the producers working behind the scenes. Producers conceive, design, plan, find speakers for, and organise each session on the program. They may or may not also participate in the session themselves.

Additional bonus for 2012 session producers

We are fortunate to have on board the top quality support of professional conference organisers Waldron Smith Management for this event. This means that our 2012 producers will have support for speaker liaison, travel and accommodation bookings and more. Hence producers can spend more time conceiving of the ideal session and less time on administering or organising the logistics themselves.

Session producers are featured in the program for the event.

See the 2010 program

Email to request a copy.

Conference themes

Keep in mind that the overall conference theme is “Getting science where it’s needed” and the streams within that are:

  • Professional practice
  • Media & journalism
  • Science & public policy
  • Science and the creative process: science & art, narratives & story-telling
  • New/Social media
  • Research in science communication

Can’t wait to see what goodies will be on the program this time around – and that is up to you!

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions or run initial ideas by us at

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