Concurrent Session 2B Victoria’s Chief Scientist: a closer look at science communication and outcomes in Vic

Hear your state Chief Scientist explore their region’s science & public policy, and how they interact with other states and the Commonwealth agencies. The Chief Scientist will discuss their views of key science issues in their region and how science communication plays a role or falls short in affecting public and political support for action. Find out how and who they work with to achieve outcomes. They may address positive interactions in their region and might also discuss areas where initial work was less effective and the lessons learned.

Pre-conference materials/links to be viewed prior to attending the session

Jesse Shore (session producer), Science Communicator, Prismatic Sciences & ASC President

Wendy Williams (chair), Manager, Science and Innovation Outreach, Victorian Department of Business and Innovation

Graham Mitchell (speaker), Chief Scientist of Victoria, Department of Primary Industries and the Department of Sustainability and Environment

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