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James has trained as a lawyer, animator, molecular biologist and computer programmer. So if you want to develop an animated documentary series about bioinformatics patent infringements, James is your man.

Share your work in the ASC2012 Science-as-Art Exhibition

Have you created engaging visuals to communicate science?

You are invited to share your work in the ASC2012 Science-as-Art Exhibition!

Science can be beautiful and the visualisation of science is a universal and ancient means of communication and engagement.

The Science-As-Art exhibition at the ASC2012 conference will showcase examples of science visualisation created by scientists, science-artists and science communicators right across Australia.

This is an exhibition for anyone interested in science and communicating science visually.

Prizes will be awarded.

Check science as art exhibition page for more information

On science & science communication in Australia: The view from Chief Scientist of Australia (Prof Ian Chubb)

In the opening plenary of the ASC2012 conference, Professor Ian Chubb, Chief Scientist of Australia, will offer his thoughts on Australian science, where it’s heading, and how he sees science communication weaving in with it. After Professor Chubb’s opening address, there will be at least 20 minutes for audience members to pose questions from the floor. The session will be moderated by Dr Rod Lamberts, Deputy Director of the Australian National Centre for Public Awareness of Science at the ANU.

You can download the speech in PDF format here: