Plenary 8 Three astronomers walked into a bar..

Astronomy is in the news. Australia waits to hear if it’ll win the $2.5 billion SKA telescope. Planets are popping up all over. Dark energy and dark matter have made it to the mainstream. This session will cover how astronomers meet and deal with this interest. Among other things, the panelists will discuss the place of science communication in their careers; where the line between science and policy lies; and what audiences want from astronomers — and what they respond to. They’ll also consider the relationship between experience, imagination and visualization; whether ‘reality’ is disappointing; and why people value astronomy.

Features a Video of interview with Brian Schmidt.

Helen Sim (session producer), Media Liaison and Public Relations, CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science and Australian Astronomical Observatory

Simon O’Toole (facilitator), Australian Deputy Gemini Scientist, Australian Astronomical Observatory

Lisa Harvey-Smith (panellist), CSIRO SKA Project Scientist, CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science

Christopher Fluke (panellist and speaker), Senior Lecturer, Centre for Astrophysics & Supercomputing, Swinburne University of Technology

Michael Ashley (panellist), Professor in the School of Physics, University of NSW

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