Science-As-Art Exhibition

3D chromosomes by Kate PattersonHave you created engaging visuals to communicate science?

You are invited to share your work in the ASC2012 Science-as-Art Exhibition!


Science can be beautiful and the visualisation of science is a universal and ancient means of communication and engagement. The Science-As-Art exhibition at the ASC2012 conference will showcase examples of science visualisation created by scientists and science communicators right across Australia. It is an exhibition for anyone interested in science and communicating science visually.

Anything ‘hangable’ that uses art, imagery, visualization to communicate science.
Examples include: Photography, digital art, comics, cover art, stills from animations, data visualization, microscopy… the ideas are endless.

Submission deadline:
5:00pm 20th Feb


Who can submit?
Anyone who is attending the ASC2012 conference can enter an image in the exhibition

Can I submit more than one image?
You can submit more than one image, however since space is not endless, following the submission deadline on 20 February people with multiple entries may be requested to choose only one for display. 

Can I submit an image my colleague has created?
No. You need to have been involved in the creation of the image. Collaborative works are allowed but please outline your contribution to the image when you submit.

How do I enter an image in the exhibition?
Email the organizer: Kate Patterson – with:
1. A 250-word blurb describing your image and how it was produced. The description should give the viewer an idea of the purpose of the image – eg. is it purely for engagement and enjoyment? does it explore scientific data? is it for educating high school students?… etc etc
2. An associated URL (if appropriate) QR codes will be printed with the blurb to link viewers to associated online content.
3. The names of the people (if collaborative) that were involved in production of the image
4. A thumbnail preview of your submission (low res <1mb file is fine) – this will help plan the layout of the exhibition.

What do I to bring to the conference?
1. Your printed work no larger than A3 in size.
2. A high resolution electronic file of your image on thumb drive or similar. (at least 300dpi at full size) Two of the submissions will be chosen for publication in Science Illustrated Magazine with an associated description. Due to publication deadlines, these images will need to be supplied at the close of the conference on 29 Feb 2012.

How will I hang my image at the conference?
1. You will be issued with a display number – please save this so that you can locate your position at the conference. Poster boards will have your number and image description already mounted.
2. Velcro stickers will also be provided so you can mount your image to the allocated poster board.

Can I win anything?
A judging panel will include Science Illustrated, ASC2012 presenter, Elizabeth Finkel and… you, the audience can vote for the ‘people’s choice’ award!

The best entry, as judged by the panel will be awarded a prize pack that includes: a fancy certificate of achievement, two years membership to the Australian Science Communicators and publication in Science Illustrated Magazine!

Please email Kate Patterson if you need more information or to submit


9 thoughts on “Science-As-Art Exhibition

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    • Hi Eleanor,

      Thanks for the query, submissions will be displayed at the conference on poster boards. You will be provided with velcro stickers or similar to attach to the back of your printed work so that you can mount it on the poster board.



  2. hi. I would like to know the rules for participation. Like 1)Age 2)is it a worldwide exhibition? and other official rules?
    Thank you,

    • Hi Sandiip
      Thank you for your questions, basically anyone who is attending the ASC2012 conference in Sydney Feb27-29 can enter the art-as-science exhibition.

    • Hi Cynthia,

      Yes! you can definitely hang an original creation! Sorry, that was a little misleading. I guess the only thing to bear in mind with original creations is that you will need to provide a digital version should it be chosen by the Judges or people’s choice to publish in Science Illustrated Magazine.

      Thanks, I look forward to seeing your work! 🙂


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