Concurrent Session 3B Research and Papers ( PhDs plus )

Australia is rapidly becoming a notable player in the world of science communication research and scholarship. The ASC 2012 national conference features 5, hour-long sessions in which some of our best and brightest share their research stories. Presentations are brief as the opportunity to interact with presenters and other delegates is something we feel is of great value in the conference space.

What scientists may be missing: threshold concepts in communication

Will Rifkin (presenting author), University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia

Nancy Longnecker (co-author), University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia

Joan Leach (co-author), University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

Lloyd Davis (co-author), University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand

Catherine Jamb (co-author), Voice2Words Pty Ltd

Science communication at Macquarie: Reflections on co-creation and collaboration

Catherine Simpson, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

Penny Wilson, Wilsonant Consultants Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia

Scientists’  communication with the public – why time is an issue

Suzette Searle, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

Exploring change in public engagement with science over time

Christine Critchley (presenting author), Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia

Wendy Williams (co-author), Victorian Department of Business and Innovation, Melbourne, Australia

Charlie Coulton (co-author), Sweeney Research, Melbourne, Australia

What science teachers want: Research-based insight for providers of field trip and guest speaker activities

Sophia  Bickford (presenting author),The University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia

Nancy Longnecker (co-author), The University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia

Grady Venville (co-author), The University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia

Science theatre in the golden age, 1995-2005

Timothy Daly, Centre for the Public Awareness of Science, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

Concurrent Session 3A Inspiring Australia: is it engaging Australians with Science?

Is evidence the name of the game for the Inspiring Australia program or still lip service? After a year of activity what can we demonstrate about its achievements? State and territory Inspiring Australia officers, representatives of lead agencies and Graham Durant, Director of Questacon, provide national and regional perspectives for how Inspiring Australia is progressing. Will they be able to back their words with data or is it still too early for meaningful measures? Whether tangible or not, we can examine details of how the program is unfolding.

Preconference material/links to be viewed prior to attending the session;

Jesse Shore (session producer), Science Communicator, Prismatic Sciences & ASC President

Sue Stocklmayer AM (chair), Director, CPAS, ANU

Graham Durant (panellist), Director, Questacon, Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research

Cris Kennedy (panellist), Director, CSIRO Discovery Centre, Canberra

Peter Leihn (panellist), Director, Office of the Chief Scientist and Scientific Engineer

Cobi Smith (panellist),  PhD researcher at the Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science and Science in Society and Facilitator at the Royal Institution of Australia

Jeannie-Marie Leroi (panellist), Science Marketing & Communication  Officer, University of Tasmania

Chris Krishna-Pillay (panellist), Victorian Manager, CSIRO Education

Simon Carroll (panellist), Director, Science partnerships

Keely Quinn (panellist), Major Projects / Inspiring Australia Officer, Engineers Australia Northern Division