Concurrent Session 4A The Consultancy Game

How does one go about setting up a business in science communication consultancy?  Where do the clients come from?  What services do they want?  How much should they be charged?  What are the first steps to take?  How do you begin to ‘think business’?  What are the advantages of working from home, and working from an office?  Should you buy-in skills like book-keeping, graphic design, web site design and IT, or do them in-house?  Anyone contemplating consultancy work (or even looking to hire consultants) will be interested in this explanation of what it takes to establish and maintain a science communication consultancy.

Toss Gascoigne (session producer), Director, Toss Gascoigne and Associates

Cobi Smith (chair), PhD researcher at the Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science and Science in Society and Facilitator at the Royal Institution of Australia.

Jenni Metcalfe (speaker), Director, Econnect Communication

Kristin Alford (speaker), Managing Director, Bridge8

Niall Byrne (speaker), Creative Director, Science in Public

Plenary 4 “Science Communication is what I want to do, now what? -career possibilities and resources”

Science is big, broad and exciting—so is the field of science communication.  So what are some of the opportunities for students, early career professionals or experienced hands looking for a change?  We’ve lined up a panel of young professional science communicators to give you a taste—from their own experiences.

There’ll also be a list of handy resources. Hashtag: #ASC2012 #nextgen

AJ Epstein (session producer), Operations Manager, Science in Public

Andrew Wight (session producer), Science Writer, Science in Public

Bec Crew (speaker), Blogger turned COSMOS magazine online editor.

Catherine Beehag (speaker), Brings science from the Australian Museum to the masses.

David Murray (speaker), Biologist turned videographer and jack of all trades.