Plenary 6 Sophisticated Social Media Use & Science

Facebook is almost eight years old. Twitter six. Yet because uptake has been gradual, our discussion of social media often remains stuck at a beginner’s “how to” stage. Not only is this dull and repetitive, it prevents us discussing the established and effective uses and users of social media in science communication and directions for the future. Let’s change that.

Kristin Alford (session producer & facilitator), Managing Director, Bridge8 Pty Ltd (@kristinalford)

Will Grant (panellist), Graduate Studies Convener, Australian National Centre for the  Public Awareness of Science, Australian National University (@willozap)

Kate Carruthers (panellist), Digital and Community Manager, Genea (@kcarruthers)

Ben Harris-Roxas (panellist), Managing Director, Harris-Roxas Health (@ben_hr, @hiablog)

With pre-recorded interview excerpts from:

  • Michele Banks, Artist (USA) (@artologica)
  • Alice Bell, Lecturer and researcher, Imperial College and UCL (UK) (@alicebell)
  • Shane McCracken, Director Gallomanor Communications and Producer of I’m a Scientist, Get me Out of Here! (UK) (@ShaneMc)
  • Andrew Maynard, Director, Risk Science Centre, University of Michigan (USA) (@2020science)

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