Plenary 11 Science to Policy: War Stories From the Heart of The Action

Science Communication in Australia is getting political. Whether we like it or not, we’re more and more likely to be forced to communicate our science in a complicated and often fractious political environment. This panel discussion brings together leading voices from the political end of science communication and science advocacy to discuss the current state of the relationship between science and policy formation, and how we as science communicators can conquer this environment. This session would be of most benefit to those working to communicate politically contentious science, those working at the science / policy interface, or those who care about the future of this country.

Will Grant (session producer & facilitator), Lecturer and Researcher, Australian National University 

Anna-Maria Arabia (panellist), CEO, Science Technology Australia.

Tony Peacock (panellist), CEO, CRC Association

Kylie Walker (panellist), Director Communications and Outreach, Australian Academy of Science