Plenary 7 New Media: The NBN and what it means for science communicators

On its completion the NBN will provide high speed internet to 93% of the Australian population and in doing so deliver new broadband technologies across the whole of the country.  In addition to the already established entertainment and retail sectors, the NBN promises all Australians a suite of new products, services and innovations including telehealth, remote education and even skills-based training programs.

So what do these developments mean for the field of Science Communication?  And what future opportunities will this provide for the science communicators of Australia?  Join RiAus Director, Paul Willis and an expert panel as they examine how the NBN might assist in engaging new audiences with science.

Steve Kern (session producer), Digital Content Manager, RiAus

Dr Paul Willis (host), Director, RiAus

Sabiene Heindl (panellist), Senior Advisor – Stakeholder Relations, NBNco

David Lowe (panellist), Director, Centre for Real-Time Information Networks, LabShare, University of Technology Sydney

Robert Bunzli (panelist), Production Manager, Centre for Digital Communication, Questacon-The National Science and Technology Centre